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Featured Database Articles

Getting Started with the Query Store Feature in SQL Server 2016 – Part 1 05/23/2016

Arshad Ali discusses SQL Server 2016 Query Store and how it greatly simplifies the performance troubleshooting process.

The End of Big Data 05/16/2016

What is next for big data? Some experts claim that data "volumes, velocity, variety and veracity" will only increase over time, requiring more data storage, faster machines and more sophisticated analysis tools. However, this is short-sighted, and does not take into account how data degrades over time. Analysis of historical data will always be with us, but generation of the most useful analyses will be done with data we already have. To adapt, most organizations must grow and mature their analytical environments. Here are the steps they must take to prepare for the transition.

Oracle SRVCTL Issue in 05/12/2016

When using Oracle in a Grid configuration the srvctl utility can change the group on the Oracle executables, creating problems with locating the spfile and with disk access.

Simplifying MySQL Database Design using a Graphical Data Modeling Tool 05/09/2016

As in all aspects of database development and management, specialized software has emerged to make the process of proper database design much easier to accomplish. In today’s tutorial, Rob Gravelle shows you how to design, implement, maintain, and synchronize MySQL database schemas using the Navicat Data Modeler.

Row Level Security Part 3 – Disabling Row Level Security for DBAs and Database Owners 05/05/2016

Row Level security is all about restricting database users from being able to view or update rows based on who they are and what roles they are in. But there are some users who you “might” not want to restrict access at the row level at all, like the database owner, or someone with sysadmin permissions. In this article Greg Larsen shows you how to disable RLS for database administrators (users in the sysadmin role) and database owners.

Implementing Azure SQL Database Elastic Database Jobs 05/02/2016

In a recently published article we described the basic characteristics of Azure SQL Database elastic database jobs. As we pointed out, their name is somewhat misleading since it implies that they are intended specifically for Elastic Database pools. However, their scope can include any custom-defined group of Azure SQL Databases, although the implementation in such cases is not yet available via the Azure portal but requires the use of Azure PowerShell (or the equivalent REST API). In this article, we take you through the sequence of steps illustrating this scenario.

Database News

Microsoft's SQL Server Database Is Heading to Linux 03/08/2016

Next year, Microsoft plans to release a version of its hybrid-cloud-friendly database software for the open-source operating system.

Oracle MySQL 5.7 Database Nears General Availability 10/19/2015

Dell Updates Toad DB Tool Lineup for Collaboration 06/23/2015

Toad lineup now offers support for SAP's HANA in-memory database, as well as improved capabilities for IBM DB2 and Hadoop.

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