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Daily News - archives

Daily News


SQL Server Database Trends in 2010 - 12/31/2009
Ingres actively pursues MySQL customers - 12/31/2009
Can Michael Widenius block the Oracle Sun deal - 12/31/2009
New enterprise level functionality for Kentico CMS 5.0 - 12/30/2009
How to get started with SQL Developer - 12/30/2009
Malicious attack exposes some 30,000 social security numbers at Penn State University - 12/30/2009
Update for Oracle Service Registry 10g/11g - 12/30/2009
The database market trends for 2010 - 12/29/2009
Top 7 Security Acquisitions of 2009 - 12/29/2009
Data breaches remain one of the top 10 security concerns for 2010. - 12/29/2009
Early Access Release for Oracle Schema Compare available from Red Gate - 12/28/2009
The DB2Night Show: Dear IBM - 12/28/2009
Availability of Tungsten 1.2.1 for MySQL & PostgreSQL - 12/28/2009
European Commission seems to have a lack of understanding of the open source database market - 12/23/2009
Database Study Observes Performance Gains of Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array - 12/23/2009
MySQL Embedded Server wins on Microsoft Windows environments - 12/23/2009
Seven predictions for the open source market in 2010 - 12/22/2009
Oracle Publicly Pledges to keep MySQL alive - 12/22/2009
New release of Oracle SQL Developer further improves Oracle Database Developer Productivity - 12/22/2009
Top 10 Blog posts about Oracle in 2009 - 12/21/2009
Oracle will move away from primary Sun x86 focus - 12/21/2009
MySQL 5.5.0-M2: A Milestone Ready To Download - 12/21/2009

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