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Daily News - archives

Daily News


Windows Azure offered on free trial - 01/29/2010
Raima presents new dataFlow technology at RTECC - 01/29/2010
Public Availability of dbForge Studio for MySQL 4.00 - 01/29/2010
myLittleTools releases myLittleAdmin v3.6 - 01/28/2010
A little hardware banter between Oracle and IBM - 01/28/2010
Tungsten 1.2.2 officially supports new connector capability for MySQL - 01/28/2010
MySQL lives on - 01/27/2010
Oracle Technology homepage goes mobile - 01/27/2010
Oracle Completes Acquisition of Sun - 01/27/2010
SSWUG considers helping SQL Server users with statistical collection - 01/26/2010
Forming alliances against Oracle and Sun; HP and Microsoft will give it a go - 01/26/2010
Netezza releases Skimmer, an entry-level data warehouse appliance - 01/26/2010
DBJIT Professional released to test database security and related software products - 01/25/2010
To improve performance, availability, and scalability, Georgian College uses Oracle 11g Grid - 01/25/2010
Intevydis discloses MySQL yassl stack overflow - 01/25/2010
EU says PostgreSQL is a credible alternative to MySQL - 01/22/2010
Mueller still fighting the Oracle-Sun acquisition - 01/22/2010
dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server adds new functionality for backup comparison, integration to VCS, and command line support - 01/22/2010
A free book for a free database - 01/21/2010
Don't miss the Oracle & Sun Strategy Event - January 27 - 01/21/2010
Oracle gets unconditional approval from European Commission - 01/21/2010
How well do you know the software giant Oracle? - 01/21/2010
Thinking about the Windows Azure Platform; Now look at a TCO and ROI Calculator - 01/20/2010
May Launch Date for SQL Server 2008 R2 - 01/20/2010
Yes Virginia, there ARE Companies that DO USE Postgres - 01/20/2010
DAM and SIM vendor love-in; improving enterprise data protection - 01/19/2010
Intevydis reveals Oracle Internet Directory Heap Corruption - 01/19/2010
Sun may experience massive layoffs after acquisition - 01/19/2010
Using intelligent data modeling to fast track data warehousing - 01/15/2010
2010 MySQL Conference & Expo - save with early registration - 01/15/2010
How we've progressed from SQL to The Cloud - 01/15/2010
Analysts predict Oracle to cut thousands of Sun staff after acquisition - 01/14/2010
Sybase Software and Inflow Tech make pact in India - 01/14/2010
Application Security, Inc. will support Oracle's latest Critical Patch Update - 01/14/2010
LINQPad now has support for SQL Azure - 01/13/2010
Oracle's Critical Patch Update Advisory for January 2010 - 01/13/2010
Jordanian government will use open source Ingres database - 01/13/2010
Where to find database vulnerabilities not yet fixed; Coming January 18 - February 1 - 01/13/2010
Microsoft wants you to migrate your MySQL databases to SQL Server - 01/12/2010
SQL Server end of support dates you should be aware of - 01/12/2010
Enrich your data by leveraging external sources - 01/12/2010
Interview with Sr. Product Manager for Sybase spotlights query performance and analytical function for Sybase IQ - 01/11/2010
Oracle awards Aris Prassinos designation of Oracle ACE Director - 01/11/2010
Get ready for your Oracle's quarterly patch tomorrow - 01/11/2010
Now is the time to sign up / upgrade for the Windows Azure platform - 01/08/2010
Could PostgreSQL be killed? --Unlikely - 01/08/2010
Free Sync Framework Power Pack download for SQL Azure - 01/08/2010
The Office of the Auditor General of Alberta Selects AppDetectivePro for Database Audit and Assessment - 01/07/2010
Embarcadero adds more graphical capabilities to DB Optimizer - 01/07/2010
Steve Capelli, president of Sybase Worldwide Field Operations, will present at the 12th Annual Needham Growth Conference - 01/07/2010
What do auditors do during a database audit - 01/06/2010
Loglogic's new Database Security Manager - 01/06/2010
Georgian College gets performance boost after upgrade to Linux/Oracle11g with RAC & ASM - 01/06/2010
Is IBM a better suitor for MySQL than Oracle - 01/05/2010
An Oracle Interview: Building a Better Database Machine - 01/05/2010
Oracle Buys Silver Creek Systems - 01/05/2010
SQL Server puts bread and butter on the table for Microsoft - 01/04/2010
Backup and recovery strategies for 2010 - 01/04/2010
Save MySQL campaign update - 01/04/2010
Google fellows defend MapReduce - 01/01/2010
SQL-injection hole found in Intel Website - 01/01/2010
Seven trends in records-management predicted - 01/01/2010

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