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Daily News - archives

Daily News


Oracle Database 11g Supports Oracle Fusion Middleware to Deliver World Record Single-Node Result - 03/31/2010
Database Management in an Open Source Environment - 03/31/2010
Oracle Database 11g Hits World Record - 03/31/2010
Database Security Noncompliance Could Cost You - 03/30/2010
Database Security Breach at HSBC Proves Super Users Require Accountability - 03/30/2010
Database Management Company Ingres Partners with OpTech to Bring Open Source to Government Agencies - 03/30/2010
Ex-MySQL CEO Marten Mickos Thinks More Companies Should Build on the Open Source Business Model - 03/29/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit - 03/29/2010
Oracle Database Management and More with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g - A Launch Event - 03/29/2010
Enterprise Data Warehousing Trends for Business - 03/26/2010
File Clerk Found Guilty of Internal Database Security Breach and Receives 12 Month Probation - 03/26/2010
Database Performance Insight in a Free Book Chapter on Implementing Oracle Coherence - 03/26/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Now Supported by Attunity's Change Data Capture and Operation Data Replication Product Lines - 03/25/2010
Existing MySQL Monitoring Support Extended by LogicMonitor - 03/25/2010
Database Vendor EnterpriseDB and Terrocotta Collaborate to Provide Cost Effective Cloud Solutions - 03/25/2010
Database Monitoring Tool by SATS Technologies Provides Free Checkup - 03/24/2010
Oracle and SQL Server Too Difficult for Today's Cloud-based Data Management - 03/24/2010
MySQL Complete Port to MariaDB - 03/24/2010
Data Integration for Large Organizations with DBMoto 7 - 03/23/2010
Database Development Becomes Easier with New Release of Oracle's Berkeley DB - 03/23/2010
Data Modeling Tools; How to Choose One - 03/23/2010
Database Security Award of Excellence Given to Sentrigo Hedgehog - 03/22/2010
Sybase is First to Offer Spatial Database and Synchronization for Mobile Devices - 03/22/2010
Data Search from Multiple Sources Including Databases - 03/22/2010
Increase Database Performance by removing BLOBs with AvePoint's DocAve Extender - 03/19/2010
Ingres Tops MySQL on Novell Linux Appliances - 03/19/2010
Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Netezza, etc; Guardium Remains Agnostic - 03/19/2010
Databases in the Cloud; Are They Secure? - 03/18/2010
Operational Data Replication and Change Data Capture Reduce IT costs for Insurance Company - 03/18/2010
NoSQL Data Access Through Eclipse Connected Data Objects Model Repository Plug-in - 03/18/2010
MySQL and Other Open-Source Databases to be Presented by EnterpriseDB - 03/17/2010
Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Released - 03/17/2010
Change Data Capture and Data Replication for Netezza - 03/17/2010
Schooner's MySQL Appliances Support MyLivePage - 03/16/2010
Oracle Database and MySQL May Live Peacefully Under One Roof - 03/16/2010
Data Modeler Free Across All Editions of Toad for Oracle - 03/16/2010
Database Security Video Smackdown Event - 03/15/2010
Database Security Vitally Important for Thwarting Employee Tampering - 03/15/2010
Aster Data Named "Company to Watch" - 03/15/2010
Updated Tool for Converting MS Excel to MySQL - 03/12/2010
Digg is Switching to Cassandra - 03/12/2010
EnterpriseDB Supports Online Game with Nine Million Users - 03/12/2010
Massachusetts Data Privacy Law To Help Enforce Database Security - 03/11/2010
IBM's DB2 Is The New Choice for Flexibility - 03/11/2010
Drizzle Moves to Rackspace - 03/11/2010
Raima's Embedded Database Makes It On The iPhone - 03/10/2010
Toad 10 from Quest Software - 03/10/2010
EnterpriseDB Offers Free Webinars on Open Source Databases - 03/10/2010
Storage Guardian's "Virtual Roadmap" for Migrating Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - 03/09/2010
SQL Server Profiling as a Service Offered by DiscountASP.NET - 03/09/2010
IBM's BigSheets Text-mining the UK Web Archive - 03/09/2010
Encryption Wizard 6.2 Released by RDC - 03/08/2010
Sybase and SAP Applications on Mobile Devices - 03/08/2010
Raima's Embedded Database implemented with Softing's UA Toolbox - 03/05/2010
Confio Software Releases Ignite 8 - 03/05/2010
Database Security - Necessary But No Easy Task - 03/04/2010
SafeNet With New Product For Third-party Data Centers - 03/04/2010
F5 and Oracle Have Created the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in for BIG-IP - 03/04/2010
AcuStaf and Exadel in the Cloud with Ingres Database - 03/03/2010
DbProtect Integrates with Oracle's Audit Vault - 03/03/2010
Oracle Increases the Cost for Certification Exams - 03/03/2010
Altova's MissionKit Now Supporting DB2/400 - 03/02/2010
The Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 Patch 1 is Available for Download. - 03/02/2010
PostgreSQL Gains Ground - 03/02/2010
NeoTechnology Releases Its Graph Database Neo4j v1.0 - 03/01/2010
Twitter Switching From MySQL to Cassandra - 03/01/2010
IBM Trend Report Shows Decline in SQL Injection - 03/01/2010

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