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Daily News - archives

Daily News


Database Management on Virtual Systems with ManageEngine's Applications Manager - 04/30/2010
Mine Oracle Database, SQL Server and Other Databases with Monarch Data Pump Pro V10.5 - 04/30/2010
Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware for Private Social Network Application - 04/30/2010
Oracle Database Maintains a Stronghold in the DBMS Market - 04/29/2010
Keep SQL Server 2008 Free From Corruption - 04/29/2010
Database Administration as a Service from Hostway and Stratavia - 04/29/2010
Oracle Database at the Core of Solutions Forming the Foundation for CBL's Sales Force Automation - 04/28/2010
Database Security Webinar on Auditing Database Systems - 04/28/2010
MySQL Manages All Data Relationships for Newly Unveiled Australian Search Engine - 04/28/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Optimized by Brocade Networking Technology - 04/27/2010
Oracle Database 10g & 11g; Securing Database Accounts - 04/27/2010
Oracle Database an Integral Part of Oracle and Sun's Application to Disk Engineering - 04/27/2010
Database Security Vendor Sentrigo Selected by - 04/26/2010
SQL Server Redesigned GUI in Bradmark's Surveillance DB Version 4.3 - 04/26/2010
Enterprise Data Warehousing Data Mining Solution from Teradata Helps Win CRM Award - 04/26/2010
MySQL Upgrade and Zero-Downtime Maintenance Webinar - 04/23/2010
Oracle Databases Running on VMware Require Licensing Finesse - 04/23/2010
Oracle Database Gets New Enterprise Manager 11g - 04/23/2010
Database Vendor EnterpriseDB Provides Database of Choice for Managed Hosting Offering from Contegix - 04/22/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 to be Released in May - 04/22/2010
Sybase Chosen by Markit to Power Market Share Analysis - 04/22/2010
MySQL Databases Benefit from R1Soft's High-Performance CDP Backup Software - 04/21/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Shipping with BI - 04/21/2010
Oracle Database is Part of HCL Infosystems Recently Migrated Banking Software - 04/21/2010
Deskside Data Warehousing with Cray and XtremeData Webinar - 04/20/2010
SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle Database, and PostreSQL Supported with Latest HTSQL Release - 04/20/2010
SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0 Release as a CTP - 04/20/2010
Database Security Provided to Government Agencies Through DLT Solutions - 04/19/2010
Database Security: Discover and Audit Databases Across the Network - 04/19/2010
PL/SQL debugger in Navicat for Oracle - 04/19/2010
Data Management Software Unified by Talend - 04/16/2010
Oracle Releases MySQL 5.5 Beta - 04/16/2010
Oracle Database Server Gets Seven Security Vulnerability Fixes in Recent CPU - 04/16/2010
Database Management Company Ingres Aids in Release of Business Intelligence Analytical Appliance - 04/15/2010
Microsoft SQL Sever 2008 R2: A Free e-Book - 04/15/2010
SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP - 04/15/2010
Oracle Pushing MySQL to Rival SQL Server - 04/14/2010
IBM DB2 SQL Development Best Practices - 04/14/2010
Data Center Monitoring Enhancements for Percona MySQL Builds - 04/14/2010
MySQL Cluster 7.1 from Oracle - 04/13/2010
Oracle Database's ASM Integrated into 3PAR's Thin Provisioning - 04/13/2010
Oracle Database Extension For Visual Studio - 04/13/2010
Heterogeneous Database Administrator Toolset from Embarcadero - 04/12/2010
Final SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse CTP Shipped - 04/12/2010
Oracle Database 11g and RAC is Just What the Doctor Ordered for HealthSouth - 04/12/2010
Database Development Improved with FileMaker 11 Database Training - 04/09/2010
MySQL Admin Cookbook - 04/09/2010
MySQL Strategy Will be Outlined by Oracle - 04/09/2010
New MySQL Database Management Tool Released by NovaQuantum - 04/08/2010
Secrets of SQL Server Webcast Series - 04/08/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2; New CTP Release Fixes Add-In Expiration - 04/08/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Keeps Support Till 2018 for Intel Itanium processor - 04/07/2010
IBM DB2 -- Building Applications in the Cloud Virtual Event - 04/07/2010
MySQL and Teradata Support Added to Citrus Replay - 04/07/2010
Database Management Company Ingres Partners with Contemporary Software Concepts - 04/06/2010
Database Security Provider Sentrigo Picked by Pelephone - 04/06/2010
Real-Time Data Integration with Oracle's GoldenGate - 04/06/2010
Instant Oracle Database Backups Showcased by NetApp at IOUG - 04/05/2010
MySQL Gets Another Push Back in the Form of Apache CouchDB - 04/05/2010
MySQL Storage Engine for Solid-State Drives - 04/02/2010
Data replication: Which Type and When to Use - 04/02/2010
Database Performance Tips for Faster SQL - 04/02/2010
SQL Server Maintenance Plans; a Free eBook by McGehee - 04/01/2010
Database Vendor Finds ITTIA DB Surpasses SQLite During Benchmark - 04/01/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Launch Tour - 04/01/2010

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