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Daily News - archives

Daily News


Oracle Database, IBM DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase Database Have More Cloud Security - 05/28/2010
Database Virtualization Maker Xkoto Acquired by Teradata - 05/28/2010
Database Security Threat in Default Passwords Still Exist - 05/28/2010
Database Security's Vulnerability of the Day - 05/27/2010
Database Monitoring Tools Improvement for Users of Amazon Web Services' Relational Database Service (RDS) - 05/27/2010
Ignite for SQL Server Selected as Finalist in Best of TechEd2010 - 05/27/2010
Sybase Analytical Database to Provide Text Search of Unstructured Formats - 05/26/2010
Oracle Enterprise Data Warehousing eBook Helps Rein In Runaway Data - 05/26/2010
Database Security, Risk, and Compliance Assessed by AppDetectivePro for Citigal - 05/26/2010
Oracle Database 11g Gains Improved Support in Insbridge Rating and Underwriting 4.0 - 05/25/2010
Data Migration Toolkit Standard 6.3.22 - 05/25/2010
Post Data Management Database, CouchDB, Launches Hosted Beta Program - 05/25/2010
Database Security and Administration Best Practices in the Cloud Webinar - 05/24/2010
IBM DB2 Migration from Sybase with IBM Tool - 05/24/2010
Secure Databases Provided to Tracker Corp by OpSource Data Center - 05/21/2010
IBM DB2 for z/OS Database Management Solutions Simplify Complex Environments - 05/21/2010
Remote Database Administration Services Vendor dbaDIRECT Develops ONguard Automation Platform - 05/21/2010
Database Security Firewalls and Database Monitoring with Imperva's SecureSphere Virtual Appliances - 05/20/2010
Database Design, SQL Optimization and More Covered by DataRage Online Conference - 05/20/2010
MySQL Conference & Expo Highlights the Database's Future - 05/20/2010
Oracle Database Security Protects Critical E-Application - 05/19/2010
Database Vendor EnterpriseDB Helps Extend Postgres Database - 05/19/2010
SQL Server Data Comparison and Synchronization Tool from dbForge Gets Performance Boost - 05/19/2010
Oracle Berkeley Database a Step into Mobile Database Market - 05/18/2010
Database Monitoring by Surveillance DB v4.3 - 05/18/2010
Enhanced Enterprise Data Warehousing with Oracle Communications Data Model - 05/18/2010
Database Administrators are Offered Expert SQL Tuning Advice at PASS - 05/17/2010
MySQL Security Holes to be Patched in Version 5.1.47 - 05/17/2010
MySQL Enterprise Latest Release Now Available from Oracle - 05/17/2010
Remote Database Administration Approach Gains dbaDIRECT "Cool Vendor" by Gartner - 05/14/2010
Oracle Database Gets Database Security Solution from Dataguise - 05/14/2010
Oracle Database 11g Underground Advice to Boost DBA Performance - 05/14/2010
Sybase Database and $500 Million in Debt to be Bought by SAP - 05/13/2010
MySQL Database Administration Application Navicat on Trial - 05/13/2010
Providing Database Security with Ingres - 05/13/2010
Oracle Database 11g Private Cloud Building Solutions in the Near Future - 05/12/2010
Oracle Database Developers Gain Benefits of Visual Studio with Toad Extension - 05/12/2010
Sybase PowerBuilder 12.0 Classic eLearnIT Course - 05/12/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Virtual Licensing Headaches - 05/11/2010
Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE Plus Takes Over FSU - 05/11/2010
Microsoft Access Database provides Foundation and Customization for Centric - 05/11/2010
Database Administrator and Database Developer Jobs Down - 05/10/2010
Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc. Compatible IP2Location Database - 05/10/2010
MySQL Support is Available in Free Community Edition Tool - 05/10/2010
Database Management Company Ingres Corporation Partners with Bendigo Partners - 05/07/2010
Data Management Software Lets Businesses Track, Share, and Manage Data from Anywhere - 05/07/2010
Oracle Database 11g OLAP Option for Ad Hoc BI Tutorial - 05/07/2010
Database Administrators Can Quickly Produce High Quality SQL Code - 05/06/2010
SQL Server 2008 Certified Master Joins the Few Outside of Microsoft - 05/06/2010
MySQL Database Connectivity Driver Beta Released by Mertech - 05/06/2010
Data Integration Company Cast Iron Acquired by IBM - 05/05/2010
Oracle Database Machine is EFU's Starting Point - 05/05/2010
Database Security Features and Performance Improvements are Added to Embedded Database ExtremeDB - 05/05/2010
SQL Server Database Administrators to be Recognized - 05/05/2010
Real-time Data Replication with Query Scale-out Just Part of the New PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta - 05/04/2010
Database Security Possibly not so Secure if Companies sell to Chinese Government - 05/04/2010
SQL Server Database Backup Files Can Act Like a Real SQL Server database - 05/03/2010
Master Data Management, Data Migration, and Data Governance Solutions at BackOffice Associates Gets Boost from HiT Software - 05/03/2010

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