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Daily News - archives

Daily News


SQL Anywhere You Want to With Sybase Mobile Solution - 06/30/2010
Hadoop to MySQL Data Moving Crane Goes Open Source - 06/30/2010
Complex Data Management Challenges Simplified by Isilon - 06/30/2010
Oracle Database 11g is Supported with Enhanced Unified Storage System Product Line - 06/29/2010
Database Administrators Managing Multiple Database Platforms, Five Things They Need to Know - 06/29/2010
IBM DB2 and MySQL Support Added to Sentrigo Repscan - 06/29/2010
Database Server Security Risks and Preventative Measures - 06/28/2010
Database Security on Cloud Computing Platform with Sentrigo Hedgehog - 06/28/2010
Database Development Group Indicates that PostgreSQL Versions are Near End of Support - 06/28/2010
Database Administrators Get Tool for NoSQL Databases from Quest - 06/25/2010
Oracle Database Upgrades Provides 300% Performance Boost - 06/25/2010
Oracle Database, SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Other Databases Viewed and Synced with iPad - 06/24/2010
Oracle Customer of 10 Years Continues to Rely on Oracle Database and Applications for Performance and Profitability - 06/24/2010
Big Data Management and Processing Get Enhanced with Advanced Analytic Packages and 1,000+ MapReduce-ready Functions - 06/24/2010
Sybase Surveillance from Bradmark Helps Maximizes Sybase's Turnkey Business Intelligence - 06/23/2010
In-Database Processing Tool from Teradata Boosts Business Intelligence - 06/23/2010
Oracle Database Connector from IN-COM Extracts Schema Information and More - 06/23/2010
Oracle Database Encryption Key in Hardware Security Modules - 06/22/2010
Oracle Database Expertise Helps Oracle Partner Advance to Platinum Level - 06/22/2010
Data Managment from Talend Joined to Netezza's TwinFin for Integration Solution - 06/22/2010
IBM DB2 Gets Log-based Replication with New Release of DBMoto - 06/21/2010
Oracle Database to Hadoop Connection Being Set Up - 06/21/2010
Data Center Power Relief from Atom-based Servers - 06/21/2010
Cloud Based Data Integration Solution Runs on Amazon EC2 - 06/18/2010
Data Storage Growth for Databases and Other Structured Data Proves to be Big Challenge for Companies - 06/18/2010
NetBeans IDE Continues Under Oracle Ownership - 06/18/2010
RDF Database with Online Transaction Processing and Semantic Technology - 06/18/2010
Microsoft's SQL Azure Database Grows Up - 06/17/2010
Ingres Database the Foundation for Preventing European Football Hooliganism - 06/17/2010
Interactive Ideas Named Master Distributor of Enterprise DB's Postgres Plus Products - 06/17/2010
LiteSpeed for SQL Server Reduces Backup Sizes - 06/16/2010
Database Security Provider Sentrigo Named Finalist for 2010 Red Herring 100 North America Award - 06/16/2010
Free Database Performance Tool from Confio - 06/16/2010
Database Performance Experts Launch Tool to Optimize DB2/400 Applications - 06/15/2010
SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit Ready to Go - 06/15/2010
Data Integration Provider Attunity Extends Agreement with Unnamed Partner - 06/15/2010
Teradata Database Platforms and Microsoft Applications Tightly Integrated for Big User Benefits - 06/14/2010
Best Database Administration and Database Development Awards Go to Idera's SQL Toolbox and Quest's Toad - 06/14/2010
Sybase Database Server New Version 10 Offers New Advantages - 06/14/2010
Toad for Oracle 10.5 Gets Full FDCC Certification - 06/11/2010
MySQL Usage is Gaining - 06/11/2010
Database Machinery VectorWise Launched for Use with Multi-Core Chips and Large Data - 06/11/2010
Oracle Database 11g Certified Associate Training and Certification Course - 06/10/2010
MySQL Appliance from Schooner Provides Significant Benefits to Growing Giant Portal - 06/10/2010
Oracle Database Critical Patch Update Advisory for April 2010 - 06/10/2010
Oracle's Exadata Database is Under Evaluation for SAP - 06/09/2010
Database Comparison Software SqlDiffFramework Enhanced to Version - 06/09/2010
VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Slow Chat with Microsoft on June 14th - 06/09/2010
IBM DB2 Databases Now Supported by dataguise's dgdiscover Automated Security Software - 06/09/2010
SQL Server Expert Joins Confio Software's Senior DBA Team - 06/08/2010
Oracle Database Well Be Part of Focus for Live Online PartnerNetwork Event - 06/08/2010
SQL Server 2008 Now Provided with In-Database Analytics - 06/08/2010
Database Security Policies are Required for Open-Source Databases Too - 06/07/2010
Oracle Database Connected by Attunity to Microsoft PowerPivot - 06/07/2010
Database Security Vulnerabilities, A Top 10 List - 06/07/2010
Database Security Vendor Fortinet is Looking for Partners with Database Skills - 06/04/2010
Business Intelligence Major Launch Coming from Oracle this July - 06/04/2010
IBM DB2 Contest "Do You DB2?" Looking for Participants' Stories of Experiences with the Database - 06/04/2010
Database Virtualization Vendor Xkoto's Future Left to Speculation - 06/03/2010
Oracle Database 11g Takes a Part in Insurance Technology - 06/03/2010
Data Management Ease and Processing Throughput from Tungsten to Scale-Out PostgreSQL 9 - 06/03/2010
Database Security Solution AppDetectivePro is the Agentless Security for Telos - 06/02/2010
Oracle Interface Translates R to PL/SQL for Database - 06/02/2010
Database Performance of VoltDB Database System Could Prove Faster than Others - 06/02/2010
Improved Back-end Database Performance and Streamlining Tasks with Lobby Track 5.0 - 06/01/2010
Oracle Database 11g Gives Record Setting Performance on SAP Benchmark - 06/01/2010
IBM DB2 or Other RDBMS Can't Solve All Data Management Problems - 06/01/2010

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