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Daily News - archives

Daily News


PureCM Supports SQL Server with Current Release of its Version Control Solution - 07/30/2010
Sybase Acquisition Completed by SAP - 07/30/2010
IBM to Boost Analytics Applications and Database Performance with Acquisition of Storage Compression Company - 07/30/2010
MySQL Help Desk from ProMend for Submiting, Managing, and Trcking Support Requests - 07/30/2010
PostgreSQL Database Test Servers Shut Down by Oracle - 07/29/2010
Data Center Efficiency Outlined in Oracle Sun Product Strategy Event Series - 07/29/2010
Zero Downtime for MySQL Database Maintenance and Upgrade - 07/29/2010
Database Security Management is Part of Aurora Partnership with LogLogic - 07/28/2010
Solix Extends Data Management Solutions into China - 07/28/2010
IBM DB2/400 Mobile Access with SystemObjects Tool - 07/27/2010
Next-Gen Open-Source Database Released by VoltDB - 07/27/2010
dbForge Provides More Tools to Work with MySQL Databases in Visual Studio - 07/27/2010
IPAD Support for Mobile Database Administration - 07/26/2010
New Version of Postgres Plus Advanced Server Database Available With Enhanced Oracle Database Compatibility - 07/26/2010
CRN Magazine Selects Sentrigo as 2010 Emerging Database Security Vendor - 07/26/2010
Imperva Partners with NEON to Provide IBM DB2 Auditing Technology - 07/23/2010
SQLDBManager Plus Launced to Help DBAs Diagnose SQL Server Performance - 07/23/2010
FileMaker Developer Conference will have Three Special FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad Sessions - 07/23/2010
Database Security Threats -- How to Stop Them - 07/22/2010
Adabas Gets Data Archiving from Software AG - 07/22/2010
SQLite's Embedded Relational SQL Database Management System Adds Write-Ahead Logging - 07/22/2010
Easy Database Access for Efficient Web Applications with DB Relay - 07/21/2010
Teradata and ESRI Enable Integration of Business and Geospatial Data in a Single Database - 07/21/2010
IBM DB2 Express-C in the Cloud - 07/21/2010
Oracle Now Has Another Rival After EU Approves SAP $5.8 Billion Takeover of Sybase - 07/20/2010
NoSQL Database Services Added to Heroku's PaaS to Aid in Cloud Development - 07/20/2010
Oracle Database Experts: Share Your Story - 07/20/2010
Oracle's July Critical Patch Update for the Oracle Database Supported by Application Security, Inc. - 07/19/2010
SAP Extends Acquisition Offer for Sybase - 07/19/2010
PostgreSQL Short Courses for Database Development and Database Administration - 07/19/2010
Microsoft Enables Free SQL Server Compact Edition to Work with ASP .Net Web Applications - 07/17/2010
Scalability, Performance, and Reliability Improvements with Latest Release of CouchDB - 07/16/2010
Integration of Hadoop with Existing Data Warehousing Technology - 07/16/2010
Oracle's Acquisition of MySQL Doesn't Seem to Worry MySQL Users Much - 07/15/2010
Upgrading Your Career Just Got Easier - 07/15/2010
Database Logs Supremely Managed by LogRhythm says Bloor Research - 07/15/2010
SQL Server Monitoring Tool Allows DBAs to Focus on the Critical Tasks - 07/15/2010
Database Source Control in SQL Server Management Studio - 07/14/2010
Database Administrator among IT Jobs to Grow in Employment Stats - 07/14/2010
Simplify Oracle Database Development as OraDeveloper Comes to Visual Studio 2010 - 07/14/2010
Oracle Database Critical Patch Update Address Vulnerabilities with High CVSS Score - 07/13/2010
Top 10 Database Vulnerabilities as Seen by Team SHATTER at Application Security Inc. - 07/13/2010
MySQL Compatible InfiniDB 1.5 Offers Increased Analytical Database Performance - 07/13/2010
Oracle Database Client Friendly SQL version 1.6 Friendlier than Ever - 07/12/2010
Oracle Coherence 3.6 Steps up to Scaling and Data Grid Challenges - 07/12/2010
Secrets of SQL Server Webcast; Introduction to SQL Server Common Language Runtime Extensibility - 07/12/2010
Microsoft Access Database System Gets Security Fix - 07/10/2010
New e-Course for Sybase ASE DBAs - 07/09/2010
Oracle Licensing by Independent helps Customers Ensure they are Properly Licensed - 07/09/2010
SQL Server 2008 SP2 Previewed by Microsoft - 07/08/2010
Oracle DBA Headed to Jail and to Pay $100,000 in Restitution - 07/08/2010
SQL Server Source Code Given to Russian Government - 07/08/2010
MySQL Enterprise Class Support To-Be-Provided by New SkySQL Company - 07/07/2010
Oracle has Released Oracle Business Intelligence 11g - 07/07/2010
Oracle Technology Network Site Merger with Sun's Content Nearing Completion - 07/07/2010
Oracle, DB2, and Other Databases Sync to Android and More with MobiForms - 07/06/2010
Hedgehog Database Security Solution Wins at Cloud Computing World Series - 07/06/2010
Oracle's Sun Merger; Seems Monty Just Won't Give Up - 07/06/2010
Perst Database to Windows Phone 7 - 07/02/2010
Still Time for Sybase to be Picked Up by SAP - 07/02/2010
New Business Management Software from Sage - 07/02/2010
Run IMS Workloads on zIIPs and zAAPs for $1 from NEON zPrime for IMS - 07/02/2010
IBM DB2 Becomes the Database Home for Synchrony Customer Experience Management Solution - 07/01/2010
Oracle Database Part of Fantasy Baseball Application - 07/01/2010

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