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Daily News - archives

Daily News


Enhanced Backup and Disaster Recovery for VMware from Zmanda - 08/31/2010
Barriers between Virtual Datastore and Physical Storage Broken Down for Complete Monitoring by Quest - 08/31/2010
Data Storage Company 3PAR Acquired by HP for $2 Billion - 08/31/2010
Data from PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Other Databases Turned into Informative Reports and Charts by ReportsMaestro - 08/30/2010
Data Palette, Database and Application Automation Software Integrated with HP Products after Acquisition - 08/30/2010
Introduction of EntiPro 2 Source Code Generator for MySQL - 08/30/2010
Algebraix Analytic Database Receives Patent for Data Storage and Retrieval Methods - 08/28/2010
SQL Server Expert DBA Shortage: True or False? - 08/27/2010
Data Integration Software CloverETL 3.0 Allows Users to Grow Big while Saving Time and Money - 08/27/2010
Migrate Information to Relational Databases, Customize Setting, and Simplify Management with isCOBOL Application Suite - 08/26/2010
MySQL Support Now Included in EntiPro 2 Source Code Generator - 08/26/2010
Database Security Provider Q1 Joins Up with F5 Networks' Technology Alliance - 08/26/2010
SQL Azure Cloud Database Update 4 Now Released - 08/25/2010
Change Data Capture Solution Attunity Stream Gains Certified Integration with SAP BusinessObjects - 08/25/2010
Second Preview of RAD Studio XE Application Development Suite Released by Embarcadero - 08/25/2010
Cloudera's Hadoop Distribution Helps Turn Abundant Data into Valuable Insights - 08/24/2010
DBA's Guide to Installing Oracle 11g for Solaris Soon to be Released - 08/24/2010
Beta Release of Cassandra NoSQL Database Includes Useful New Features - 08/24/2010
Upgraded Idera SQL Server Toolset Includes Tool for Copying Linked Servers from One Instance to Another - 08/23/2010
SQL Server Migration Tools for MySQL, Access, Oracle, and Sybase Free for Download - 08/23/2010
MySQL dbForge Data Comparison and Synchronization Tools Get More Options and Improved Performance - 08/23/2010
Move Information from Teradata Database Directly to Excel for Analysis - 08/20/2010
Easily Compare and Synchronize Oracle Databases with dbForge - 08/20/2010
Advanced Analytical Applications from Aster Data Developer Express Take on Petabytes of Data - 08/20/2010
NoSQL Database MongoDB 1.6 Released with New Features of Automatic Data Sharding and Replica Sets - 08/19/2010
Damaged Oracle 10g and 11g Databases Able to be Recovered with Stellar Phoenix - 08/19/2010
Teradata Plans on Continued Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Caused by a Number of Their Platform Builds - 08/19/2010
Numerous SQL Server 2008 and 2005 Update Packages Available - 08/18/2010
Reserve Database Instances in Amazon's Cloud - 08/18/2010
Stonefield Query Version 4.0, a Database Reporting Tool for the Casual User - 08/18/2010
FlexStore Analytics Platform Fuses Traditional and Flash-Based Memory to Improve Database Performance - 08/17/2010
New Version of NoSQL Database, CouchDB, Cured of Data Loss Bug - 08/17/2010
Berkus, CEO of PostgreSQL Experts, Will Speak on Choosing Relational and Non-Relational Database Technologies - 08/17/2010
Replicate Databases, Reduce Transaction Latency, and More with Sybase Replication Server - 08/16/2010
New SQL Server Migration Assistant Releases Feature Support for MySQL and Updates for Other Databases - 08/16/2010
New and Complete SQL Server Backup and Restore Bundle from Red Gate - 08/16/2010
New SQLServer Courses from SQLSteps Online Training - 08/13/2010
Keep PostgeSQL Database and Memcached Servers Running Cloud Applications at their Peak with ManageEngine - 08/13/2010
Post-Relational Database (CouchDB) Gets SDK for Android Devices - 08/13/2010
Oracle and Cloud Databases Join the Quest Online Resource Community - 08/12/2010
Build a Cloud Database that is Stable, Scalable, and Secure with Help from Sentrigo and GoGrid - 08/12/2010
Sybase IQ 15 Database Joined with Optimized HP Servers Results in Impressive BI Solution - 08/12/2010
eXtremeDB Data Relay is Released by McObject - 08/11/2010
Diagnose Elusive SQL Server Performance Problems with Idera's SQL Diagnostic Manager - 08/11/2010
Easily Merge Data from SQL Server, Oracle, Access and More into Reports with Veera Business Intelligence Software - 08/11/2010
Microsoft SQL Server Support among New Features of IT Reporting Software N-compass 3.1 - 08/10/2010
Develop Oracle Database Applications in Style with Devart and Visual Studio - 08/10/2010
Big Data Analysis for R Enterprise Software - 08/10/2010
Get Databases on the iPhone and iPad with FileMaker Go Application - 08/09/2010
Mobile Databases on Google Android Gain the Support of MobiForms - 08/09/2010
Potential Data Loss Bug Found in Open Source NoSQL Document Database Apache CouchDB 1.0.0 - 08/09/2010
Keeping Your Sanity: Strategies for Database Management from Quest Software - 08/06/2010
SQL Server 2008: Programming Beyond Relational Features - 08/06/2010
Database Security Gets Boost with Imperva and ActiveBase Partnership - 08/06/2010
Open Source Database MongoDB Version 1.6.0 Available - 08/06/2010
Data Quality Standardization Online Tutorial - 08/05/2010
New Release of SQL Server Based SCM Anywhere Introduces Web Client for Issue Tracking - 08/05/2010
IBM DB2 LUW Tips and Techniques from IBM Toronto Developers - 08/04/2010
ChronicDB v3.0 Provides a Simplified Approach for PostgreSQL Database Replication - 08/04/2010
Informatica's RulePoint 5.1 Adds Support for IBM DB2 & Oracle 11gR1 to List of Supported Platforms - 08/04/2010
Users of Btrieve/Pervasive Transaction Engines Can Now Run Applications Against MySQL with New Driver - 08/03/2010
Health Care Companies are Lacking Proper Database Activity Monitoring; Causing 113 Data Breaches so far in 2010 - 08/03/2010
New Version of Oracle Database Recovery Software from Stellar - 08/03/2010
Miro Consulting, Inc. Forms New Oracle Database Security Practice - 08/03/2010
Increased Management Options and Faster Performance for Idera SQL Server Backup and Recovery Solutions - 08/02/2010
VersaReports Delivers New RDL Connector to Achieve Similar Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services - 08/02/2010

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