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Daily News - archives

Daily News


ITTIA DB SQL 3.3 Embedded Database Released - 10/29/2010
NxtTeam Receives Award from Oracle University - 10/29/2010
Rsam and Application Security, Inc. Partner to Provide a View for Database Vulnerabilities in the Context of Risk and Compliance - 10/29/2010
Database Virtualization Software Provider is Announced as One of 25 Companies to Watch. - 10/28/2010
Open Source Database Best Practices Presented by PostgreSQL Leaders - 10/28/2010
IDC Reports Highlight Oracle Exadata Database Machine - 10/28/2010
Visual Fusion 5.0 Released Brings Enhanced Insight, Productivity, and Agility to BI - 10/27/2010
Using HTSQL to Translate HTTP to Access Databases with SQL - 10/27/2010
Over 700 SAP Clients Turn to IBM DB2 - 10/27/2010
CA Technologies Announce 'Day One' Support for IBM DB2 10 for Z/OS - 10/26/2010
Support for DB2 Version 10 from Compuware - 10/26/2010
Oracle Embedded Database Named Leader by IDC - 10/26/2010
BEZVision is Being Extended to Gather Database Performance Statistics in the Cloud - 10/25/2010
New Release of Sybase Liquidity Management Suite (LMS) Provides Native Support for Sybase's Relational Database Management System and Analytics - 10/25/2010
New Survey Shows Most DBAs (72%) Manage Multiple Database Platforms - 10/25/2010
Ingres and Pentaho Form Strategic Relationship - 10/22/2010
Software AG Acquires Data Foundations - 10/22/2010
SQLBase 11.6 Goes General Availability - 10/22/2010
Data Migration Software Vertica Connector for Hadoop - 10/21/2010
Kaminario will Demonstrate Extreme Storage I/O Performance at Microsoft SQL Pass Summit - 10/21/2010
ClickSoftware and Sybase Partner to Deliver Mobility Application Solutions - 10/21/2010
24X7 Global Support for PostgreSQL from Fujitsu - 10/21/2010
Query Optimization Secrets for Sybase ASE Database - 10/20/2010
Quest Software Announces New Initiatives for SharePlex for Oracle - 10/20/2010
Talend Open Profiler for Free; Helping User Understand Their Data Better - 10/19/2010
HanDBase, a Mobile Database Application, for Android - 10/19/2010
Ingres Database 10 Enhances Migration and Performance - 10/19/2010
HiT Software Releases New Versions for Application Access to IBM DB2 - 10/18/2010
Teradata Data Warehouse Gets New Release of Voltage SecureData - 10/18/2010
IBM DB2 SQL Skin Unveiling at IBM Information On Demand Conference - 10/18/2010
SkySQL Ab Launches Operations with Releases of SkySQL Enterprise - 10/16/2010
Integrated Data Management Platform, Talend v4.1, Released - 10/15/2010
Perform Workload Tunning on Microsoft's AdventureWorks Database with DBSophic - 10/15/2010
Three City Database Security Seminar from IBM/Guardium - 10/14/2010
TeamSHATTER at Application Security, Inc. Gain Credit for October 2010 CPU - 10/14/2010
Xeround Database Now Available on the Amazon Cloud - 10/14/2010
IBM Acquires PSS Systems - 10/13/2010
Datameer Analytics Solution for Big Data Analytics Announced - 10/13/2010
October 2010 Oracle Critical Patch Update - 10/13/2010
Scalable Data Transfer Between Oracle and Hadoop - 10/12/2010
Membase and Cloudera Announce Partnership for Integration of Membase Server with Hadoop - 10/12/2010
Smarter Business Intelligence (BI) from Epicor - 10/12/2010
Dobler Consulting, Inc Partners with Sybase to Reduce Customer Database Costs - 10/12/2010
Sentrigo Database Security Products Get McAfee Compatible Status - 10/11/2010
First Generally Available Release of Membase NoSQL Database Becomes Available - 10/11/2010
Cloudera and Aster Data Unite for Big Data and Analytics - 10/10/2010
Excel Software Provides Student Editions of MacA&D and WinA&D; Offering Opportunities to Perform Database Design Skills - 10/08/2010
Application Performance Management Solution for NoSQL - 10/08/2010
No Time to Tune Performance Issues Say Database Professionals - 10/07/2010
Try Oracle Remote DBA Services for Free - 10/07/2010
BEZVisionFree for Oracle is Now Free - 10/07/2010
The Pitfalls of Traditional Master Data Management Webinar - 10/06/2010
Enabling New Analytics with New Data Management Technologies Webinar - 10/06/2010
Security Update for PostgreSQL - 10/06/2010
Amazon Relational Database Service Announces Read Replicas - 10/05/2010
Percona to Provide Support for MySQL For a Flat Fee - 10/05/2010
The Secrets of SQL Server Series; Educating DBAs on Analysis Services - 10/05/2010
MariaDB 5.2.2 Gamma, Derived from MySQL 5.1.50 Released - 10/04/2010
Queplix Announces the Queplix Virtual Data Manager to Automate Application and Data Integration - 10/04/2010
Oracle Communications Data Model Earns TM Forum's Information Framework (SID) Certification - 10/04/2010
Master Data Management Solution for Mobile Text Communications - 10/01/2010
New Release of High Performance Object Database - 10/01/2010
New Fall 2010 Event Schedule for Application Security Inc. - 10/01/2010

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