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Daily News - archives

Daily News


LINBIT Announces Partnership with SkySQL - 04/22/2011
Couchbase is Recognized as a "Cool Vendor" in Infrastructure Management - 04/22/2011
Visability and Troubleshooting for Big Data Technologies - 04/22/2011
Application Security, Inc's TeamSHATTER Credited with Discovery of Two-Thirds of Disclosed Database Flaws in Recent Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) - 04/21/2011
Data Management Suite from Solix Enterprise Achives Oracle Validation Integration with Oracle's PeopleSoft - 04/21/2011
Precise Announces Capabilities for Monitoring Java Clusters - 04/21/2011
PCI DSS Compliant Companies Suffer Fewer Data Breaches - 04/20/2011
Talend and Ingres partnership Benefits Data Management Professionals - 04/20/2011
Batch Execution Feature Support in SysTools SQL Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 04/20/2011
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Restore Process Explained Through New Website - 04/19/2011
Postgres Plus from EnterpriseDB is Selected by Aquent as the Database of Choice for the Cloud - 04/19/2011
Render Barcode Images in SQL Server 2000, 2005 & 2008 Reporting Services - 04/19/2011
Attendance Up at Enterprise World 2011 - 04/18/2011
Continuent Data Replication Engine Released - 04/18/2011
Oracle Critical Patch Update Pre-Release Announcement - April 2011 - 04/18/2011
Auto-Scaling Cloud Database from Xeround - 04/15/2011
NoSQL Graph Database Neo4j is Available Under GNU General Public License (GPL) - 04/15/2011
Exadata Center of Excellence Opened by Oracle Platinum Partner Centroid - 04/15/2011
Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 - 04/14/2011
Scale-up and Scale-out for MySQL Databases and NoSQL Data Stores - 04/14/2011
VoltDB Announces Open Source Relational Database management System Version 1.3 - 04/14/2011
Guide for Database Security Provided by Application Security, Inc. and Securosis - 04/13/2011
Tungsten Replicator 2.0 for MySQL is Now Open Source - 04/13/2011
R1Soft's CDP Backup Software Brings Online Backup and Granular Restore to MySQL - 04/13/2011
Oracle Database 11g Upgrade Workshop Announced - 04/12/2011
Automatic Oracle EBS Upgrades from Panaya - 04/12/2011
Quest Backup Reporter for Oracle - 04/12/2011
Oracle Announces MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Release - 04/11/2011
Quest achieves Oracle Validated Integration of Stat� 5.5.5 with Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools 8.51 and Stat� 5.5.5 with the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. - 04/11/2011
Virident Improves MySQL Performance with SSDs - 04/11/2011
Secrets of SQL Server Webcast Series Covers SQL Server Storage Fundamentals - 04/08/2011
Offers for Oracle Technology Network Members - 04/08/2011
Oracle's Strategy and Innovation Update on Oracle Solaris - 04/08/2011
Grid-Tools Announces an Updated Version of Data Masking Tool - 04/07/2011
Review of Data Security Policies Shows that Half of IT Security Professionals are Not Sure where Sensitive Files are Located - 04/07/2011
SQL Sentry Partners with DBSophic - 04/07/2011
Yellowfin and Ingres Partner to Provide Fast and Easy Business Intelligence - 04/06/2011
Putting the LizaMoon and Epsilon Data Breaches into Perspective - 04/06/2011
Teradata has completed Its Acquisition of Aster Data - 04/06/2011
Oracle Enhances Backup and Recovery Capabilities for Oracle Exadata Database Machine - 04/05/2011
Queplix Data Virtualization Platform Now Integrates with NoSQL Databases - 04/05/2011
DBSophic to Use Confor ASP as Reseller of Their Performance Solutions for SQL Server in Italy - 04/05/2011
CouchOne and Membase Merger Produce Membase Server for Mac OS X - 04/04/2011
Devart Releases First Version of dbexpress Driver for SQLite - 04/04/2011
Oracle Database 11g Express Edition, Beta Available - 04/04/2011
Complex Data Analytics Provided through Cloudera and Digital Reasoning Partnership - 04/01/2011
FireFox 4 Can Now Take Advantage of Geolocation Database from IP2Location - 04/01/2011
SQL Server Consolidation Best Practices, a Word of Caution to DBAs - 04/01/2011

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