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Introduction to Azure SQL Database Elastic Database Pools 02/04/2016

Traditional deployments of Azure SQL Database involve identifying projected resource requirements and selecting individual Azure SQL Database instances. For fluctuating workloads, this frequently results in over- or under-provisioning. To address this challenge, Microsoft offers another approach to sizing Azure SQL Database that relies on Elastic Database Pools. Read on to learn more.

Exploring SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 4 – Encrypting Existing Data 02/01/2016

Greg Larsen explores the different ways that you can encrypt your existing confidential data using Always Encrypted Columns in SQL Server 2016.

Exploring SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 3 – Differences between Deterministic or Randomize Encryption 01/25/2016

In this third article of the exploring SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted series, Greg Larsen looks at the differences between an Always Encrypted column that uses an encryption type of Deterministic and those that use encryption type of Randomized.

Getting Started with JSON Support in SQL Server 2016 – Part 1 01/19/2016

SQL Server 2016 introduces built-in support for storing, managing and processing JSON data. Read on to learn about this new feature and follow along with a step-by-step guide to start parsing and using JSON content natively in SQL Server 2016.

Azure SQL Database Resiliency - Business Continuity 01/04/2016

Azure SQL Database’s point-in-time restore functionality’s primary benefit is the ability to recover from inadvertent database changes; however its applicability in the event of a disaster affecting an entire region is rather limited. This article looks at solutions whose main purpose is to fill that gap, focusing in particular on the options that facilitate maintaining the operational status of an Azure SQL Database across different Azure regions.

Getting Started with Stretch Database Functionality in SQL Server 2016 - Part 2 12/24/2015

Arshad Ali explains and demonstrates the impact of enabling the Stretch database feature on backup and restore operations. He also discusses ways to pause, resume, and disable this feature altogether when not needed.

Exploration of SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 2 12/10/2015

It is important to only allow authorized individuals access to confidential data.  Therefore when setting up an Always Encrypted table it is important to consider splitting configuration tasks between multiple individuals/groups to improve security.   Follow Greg Larsen as he shows how to setup up SQL Server Always Encrypted tables where database administrators can’t see the clear text confidential data.

Azure SQL Database Resiliency - Point-in-Time Restore 12/07/2015

Azure SQL Database provides a number of benefits that leverage resiliency and redundancy built into the underlying cloud infrastructure. This includes a range of options that facilitate automatic backup and failover, which help you recover from human errors, hardware component failures, or even regional disasters. In this article, we will review these options.

Exploration of SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 1 12/03/2015

With the introduction of SQL Server 2016 you now have a new way to encrypt columns called Always Encrypted. With Always Encrypted, data is encrypted at the application layer via ADO.NET. This means you can encrypt your confidential data with your .NET application prior to the data being sent across the network to SQL Server. Follow Greg Larsen as he explores setting up a table that stores always encrypted data.

Getting Started with Stretch Database Functionality in SQL Server 2016 – Part 1 11/16/2015

Start using Stretch Database in SQL Server 2016 with this step-by step guide. Learn how to use SSMS to do it manually or use T-SQL to automate the overall process.

Azure SQL Database - Transparent Data Encryption 11/05/2015

Transparent Data Encryption offers the ability to encrypt the content of a database, its transaction logs, as well as backups, while at rest. Encryption and decryption are performed in real-time, at the individual page level, as the database is being written to and read from storage, without necessitating changes to applications accessing their data. Read on to learn more.

Installing SQL Server 2016 11/02/2015

You now have a couple of new installation options available when you install SQL Server 2016. One of those new features is being able to define multiple tempdb data files while installing SQL Server. Additionally the incorporation of PolyBase into the database engine means there is a new option for installing the new PolyBase Query Service. Greg Larsen walks you through the GUI installation process for SQL Server 2016 and explores these new installation options.

Understanding Stretch Database Functionality in SQL Server 2016 10/19/2015

Stretch Database, introduced in SQL Server 2016, lets you move or archive your cold data from a local SQL Server database to Azure SQL Database transparently without writing code for data movement, while at the same time allowing applications to access it like any other table. Read on to learn more about this new capability in SQL Server 2016.

Azure SQL Database - Row-Level Security 10/05/2015

One of the benefits of using Azure-based Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service offerings, is considerably quicker access to newly developed capabilities. In this article Marcin Policht focuses on row-level security, included in both Azure SQL Database V12 and SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2).

10 New Features Worth Exploring in SQL Server 2016 10/01/2015

There is a lot of buzz around SQL Server 2016. It will not be too long until SQL Server 2016 will be fully baked and ready for shipping. As always there are a ton of new features and in this article Greg Larsen explores 10 of those new features.

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