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Azure SQL Database - Row-Level Security 10/05/2015

One of the benefits of using Azure-based Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service offerings, is considerably quicker access to newly developed capabilities. In this article Marcin Policht focuses on row-level security, included in both Azure SQL Database V12 and SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2).

10 New Features Worth Exploring in SQL Server 2016 10/01/2015

There is a lot of buzz around SQL Server 2016. It will not be too long until SQL Server 2016 will be fully baked and ready for shipping. As always there are a ton of new features and in this article Greg Larsen explores 10 of those new features.

Creating Dashboards for Mobile Devices with Datazen – Part 4 09/21/2015

Arshad Ali shows you how to create filters, publish dashboards to the Datazen server and create drill-through dashboards.

Automated Patching of SQL Server IaaS VMs 09/08/2015

In a recent article we have described an automated method of backing up user databases hosted on SQL Server instances running in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Azure virtual machines. In this article we turn our attention to the equivalent approach to manage Windows updates in the same scenario.

T-SQL Programming Part 15 - Understanding How to Write a Correlated Subquery 09/03/2015

How do you return a set of records that are based on the results of another set of records with TSQL? One method is to write a correlated subquery. Greg Larsen explains what a correlated subquery is, and provides a number of examples.

Creating Dashboards for Mobile Devices with Datazen – Part 3 08/20/2015

Learn how to create a data source and data view and then how to create dashboards with Datazen Publisher using those data sources and data views.

Creating Dashboards for Mobile Devices with Datazen – Part 2 08/06/2015

Arshad Ali shows you how to install, configure and use Datazen Server.

Automated Backups of SQL Server Databases in Azure IaaS VMs 08/03/2015

Marcin Policht demonstrates methods to simplify and streamline provisioning and management of Azure SQL Database and SQL Server running in IaaS Azure virtual machines. The focus of this article is on the functionality related to common maintenance tasks, in particular database backups, facilitated by Azure VM extensions.

Creating Dashboards for Mobile Devices with Datazen – Part 1 07/23/2015

Arshad Ali demonstrates how to use Datazen to quickly and easily create dashboards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for mobile devices.

Automating Image-Based Deployment of SQL Server on Azure IaaS VMs - Completing the Process 07/06/2015

Recently, we presented a script that provisions a new Azure IaaS virtual machine running Windows Server 2012 R2 and that prestages a SQL Server 2014 default instance. In this article learn how to eliminate the need to manually initiate the second part of the SQL Server setup and finalize the capture.

Power BI - Getting Data from Analysis Services 07/02/2015

Arshad Ali demonstrates how to use Analysis Services connector to interactively query your on-premise data from an Analysis Services instance in Power BI reports or dashboards.

Getting Started with Power BI Designer 06/15/2015

The Power BI Designer was recently added under the Microsoft Power BI umbrella. Power BI Designer quickly builds reports or dashboards locally and deploys them to the Power BI site. In this article, Arshad Ali demonstrates how to get started with Power BI Designer.

Automating Image-Based Deployment of SQL Server on Azure IaaS VMs - Combining OS Installation and SQL Server Sysprep 06/04/2015

In recent articles we have been discussing how to streamline deployment of SQL Server 2014 Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) virtual machines, without relying on Gallery images. In this article we capture all of the steps in the form of a single PowerShell script that can be executed remotely.

Converting Rows to Columns (PIVOT) and Columns to Rows (UNPIVOT) in SQL Server 06/01/2015

Learn how to convert row values into column values (PIVOT) and column values into row values (UNPIVOT) in SQL Server.

Converting Comma Separated Value to Rows and Vice Versa in SQL Server 05/21/2015

Often while reporting you will encounter a situation where you will have comma separated values in a single column but you want to report them in rows. In other cases you might have values in multiple rows and want them to be a single value separated by comma or some other character. Arshad Ali demonstrates how to write queries in SQL Server to handle these scenarios quickly.

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