Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services Custom Cubes: Financial Reporting (Part I) - Page 17

January 6, 2003

The Properties pane for the new Store level, with the modifications we have put into place, should appear as shown below:

Click for a larger image

Illustration 45: The Modified Properties, Store Level Member of the Store Dimension

52.  Press the Enter key.

53.  Drag the category_id field from the category table over to drop onto the Category dimension in the cube tree.

54.  Right-click the category_id level that appears.

55.  Select Rename from the context menu, and type in Category.

56.  Click the Basic tab in the Properties pane.

57.  Select the Member Name Column property.

58.  Click the ellipses button ("..").

The Select Column dialog appears.

59.  Select the category description column by clicking, as shown in Illustration 46 below.

Illustration 46: Select Category Description for the Member Name Column Property

60.  Click OK.

The Properties pane for the new Category level, with the modifications we have enacted, should appear as shown below:

Illustration 47: The Modified Properties, Category Level Member of the Category Dimension

Page 18: Enhancing the Basic Cube with The Cube Editor (Continued)

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