Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Reporting Options for Analysis Services Cubes: ProClarity Part II - Page 5

February 17, 2004

We can drill down the hierarchy further in this manner, or we can perform drill ups, cross-dimensional drills and other actions.  We can accomplish this by using a right-click (with the resulting context menu), the Navigation item in the main menu, and other options, for a data item upon which we wish to gain further insight. 

14.  Right-click the USA field in the display.

The context menu appears as shown in Illustration 15.

Illustration 15:  Context Menu Options

Relevant options that are available in the context menu are summarized in Table 1.


Drill Down

Displays next lower hierarchy level / more information about member

Drill Up

Displays next higher hierarchy level / less information about member


Provides more detail about member / leaves other members at their current hierarchy levels


Displays member only / hides detail associated with it


Displays only selected member(s)


Removes selected member(s) from data display

Table 1:  Context Menu Option Summary

15.  Select Isolate --> Warehouses - USA from the context menu.

USA is isolated as the only row in the display.

16.  Click USA once to drill down to the three states that make it up.

The drilldown occurs.

17.  Right-click the CA data field.

18.  Via the context menu and cascading menu, select Drill Down --> Select from List.

The Drill down selection list appears.  At this point, we are offered the capability to drill down across dimensions, a highly useful capability that is not as readily available in other business intelligence tools on the market today.

19.  Select / highlight only the [Product].All Products

The Drill Down selection list, with our choice highlighted appears as shown in Illustration 16.

Illustration 16:  Drill Down Selection List - With Our Choice Highlighted

20.  Click OK.

The display adjusts to reflect our new drill down, and appears as depicted in Illustration 17.

Illustration 17:  New Data Display, Secondary Drill Down Result in Place

Notice, once more, the Warehouse dimension tab contents.  We are seeing Children of USA, displayed in the Warehouse dimension hierarchy as the selected members for the display.

We can continue to drill further, return to prior displays by drilling up, or perform other actions that we reviewed in Table 1.  (Again, these are also available by selecting Navigate in the main menu). For now, we will move on to explore additional areas.

21.  Select Book --> Add to Briefing Book from the main menu.

The Add to Briefing Book dialog appears.

22.  Name the page something that makes sense.  (I called mine ANSYS19-02.)

23.  Click OK to save.

We will now draw our article to a close with an examination of an advanced visualization feature of ProClarity, Perspective analysis.

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