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February 13, 2006

Hands-On Procedure

Let's get some hands-on practice with a basic Analysis Services Processing task. To prepare, we will create a new Integration Services project, and, simultaneously, a new Integration Services package, to which we will add our Analysis Services Processing task, and within which we will both configure and execute the task. We will accomplish the steps of our practice session within the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio.


Create an Integration Services Package within the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

To begin, we will launch the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio.

1.  Click Start.

2.  Navigate to, and click, the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, as appropriate.

The equivalent on my server appears as depicted in Illustration 1.

Click for larger image

Illustration 1: Launching SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

We briefly see a splash page that lists the components installed on the PC, and then Visual Studio .NET 2005 opens at the Start page.

3.  Close the Start page, if desired.

4.  Select File --> New from the main menu.

5.  Click Project ... from the cascading menu, as shown in Illustration 2.

Click for larger image

Illustration 2: Creating a Project ...

The New Project dialog appears.

6.  Select Business Intelligence Projects (the default) in the Project types pane of the dialog, if necessary.

7.  Select Integration Services Project, a Visual Studio installed template, within the Templates pane of the dialog.

8.  In the Name box of the dialog, type the following name:


9.  Navigate / provide a path for the new project within the Location box.

10.  Leave the Solution box at its default (ANSYS044_SSAS_Processing).

11.  Leave the remaining settings of the dialog at default.

The New Project dialog appears, with our settings, similar to that depicted in Illustration 3.

Illustration 3: The New Project Dialog, with Our Settings

12.  Click OK to create the project.

Our new Integration Services project appears in Solution Explorer, as shown in Illustration 4.

Illustration 4: The Project Appears within BI Development Studio – Solution Explorer

We are now prepared to add the Analysis Services Processing task to the package that has been automatically created within our new project. We will do so in the section that follows.

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