Automation of Error Log Cycling

June 5, 2000

SQL Server version: 7.0 +

As a DBA you may want to automate process of cycling an errorlog file.
This script includes the following:
* stored procedure 'usp_dba_cyclelog' .
* It purges an errorlog file if it's size larger then value
specified by @filesize parameter (Bytes)
* sends e-mail to notify a recipient and attaches the
information about existing errorlog files.
* you can specify the errorlog file location with @errorlog
parameter. If it is not specified the

is used.

* scheduled task to call usp_dba_cyclelog' stored procedure.

Before executing the cyclelog.sql script you need to replace
* string <recipient_name> with the semicolon-separated list of
the recipients of the mail.
* string <size_in_Bytes> with the proper value
* string <db_name> with the database name where the
'usp_dba_cyclelog' stored procedure will be created

Make sure that SQL Mail and SQL Server Agent are running.

I got the information on xp_getfiledetails & xp_enumerrorlogs from Brian
'Undocumented T-SQL Tricks With Logs'. Please refer to this article
regarding the security issue of using these stored procedures.

Download cyclelog.SQL

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