"File Watcher" for SQL Server

March 3, 2004

SQL Server Database administrators often come across situations where the scheduled DTS jobs failed because the Source File didn't arrive on time. It is a tedious process to cleanup if there are dependent jobs that have run before the first DTS job completed successfully. The intent of this article is to provide a solution for that kind of situation.

Let's simulate the whole scenario of "File Watcher" Job.

What is "File Watcher"

File Watcher is a SQL job that looks for the existence of a file in a particular folder every few minutes. If that particular file arrives, it will trigger another job.

Let's assume that a CSV file "File.csv," such as the one below, is going to be copied to C:\Fileimport from an external job. This copying may happen any time between 6 AM and 9 AM.


MSDEBox ,Test,12

Create table

Create tables in the database as shown below.

Use test
[ServerName] varchar (255) NULL, 
[ServerType] varchar (255) NULL, 
[ID] varchar (255) NULL )
CREATE TABLE [Logtable] (
[ID] int identity(1,1),
[Status] varchar (255) NULL,
[Date] datetime default getdate())

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