RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part 4: Installing RAC Database with ASM Option - Page 2

December 1, 2005

Setting up the listener

Step 1: Check the path on both nodes! It should have been set by the Installer.

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Step 2: From command line do "netca" and then choose Cluster Configuration.

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Step 3: Select all nodes

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Step 4: Check Listener configuration first

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Step 5: Add

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Step 6: Default name listener is fine.

Step 7: TCP

Step 8: Port 1521 is fine.

Step 9: No

Step 10: You can see in the background what is happening.

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Step 11: Naming methods.

Step 12: Local Naming and Easy Connect are fine here.

Step 13: All done.

When it comes to installing the Companion CD, you can take advantage of options like Sample Schema's and much more. It is not compulsory but if you want your HTTP server etc., then it might be handy to install it. So let's go ahead and install the companion CD.

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