RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part 4: Installing RAC Database with ASM Option - Page 4

December 1, 2005

Creating Database and ASM instances (and ASM disks as well)

Step 1: Start DBCA.

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Step 2: Starting…

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Step 3: Choose RAC option.

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Step 4: Create database (we will come to ASM shortly).

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Step 5: Select all nodes.

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Step 6: Custom (Although you may very well choose other options).

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Step 7: Your RAC instance global name.

Step 8: Configure EM and SMTP.

Step 9: Password.

Step 10: Choose ASM.

Step 11: This will initiate creation of the ASM instance (+ASM1 on node 1 and +ASM2 on node 2).

Step 12: OK.

Step 13: Creating instances on both nodes.

Step 14: Node 1 created.

Step 15: Node 2 created.

Step 16: Create new, although you can also invoke the asmtoolg (g for GUI utility) from cmdline before starting DBCA as well. But never mind, we will create, stamp and mount them here.

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