RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part 4: Installing RAC Database with ASM Option - Page 7

December 1, 2005

Step 47: I also like to create scripts to read them and see how and why things are installed a particular way, although DBCA should be your friend.

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Step 48: OK

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Step 49: Script Creation

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Step 50: OK

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Step 51: Start setup.

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Step 52: If you are curious like me, you can check them on both nodes.

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Step 53: you're curious like me, you can check them on both nodes

Step 54: Almost done. (Well it took me several hours to get all that installed, so like I said you do not need to install all of that!)

Step 55: This is all fine; click OK. You can however unlock all accounts you need by clicking on "Password Management."

Step 56: After this screen and voila! Your RAC installation is complete!

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Step 57: Now stop your Virtual Machines and BACKUP your whole VM + Disks to some safe place where no one can destroy it!


This was yet another project that involved a lot of work and preparation. Remember to backup your scenario when it is fully working. I had a situation when I could not prepare the Virtual Machines with shared array on a faster computer! Moving it to a computer with some simpler but faster disks made my installation work successfully. I have laid a lot of emphasis on Print Screens for the sheer purpose of demonstrating that it really works! With VMware you have created a fully workable RAC, which we will continue to test with srvctl command line, Web Interface (Oracle's own home grown and now leaner beast called OEM), in our next article.

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