Listen Software's How To: Using the Net 8 Assistant

August 19, 2002

Using the Net 8 Assistant

Using the Net 8 Assistant

Communication Files

Client: sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora
Server: listener.ora

Tnsnames.ora contains information necessary to communicate with the server.
Tnsnames.ora contains the following information:

Connector Descriptor


LOGICAL_NAME001 - Logical name identify a name service.
HOST= or HOST=www.mysite.com - IP address of the host machine.
-> If a DNS server exists, the host name will suffice.
PORT=1521 - Default port which the server's listener is listening.
SID=mySID - System Identification (SID) of the database instance.

Creating a Local Name Client Connection

Step 1: From Net 8 Assistant: From methods, under selected items, make sure TNSNAMES AND HOSTNAME are chosen.

Step 2: Select Edit, Create to generate a network service name. The network service name is associated with a connector descriptor. A Logical Name to the Connector Descriptor is created.

Step 3: Select a Network Protocol. Choose (TCP/IP).

Step 4: Enter the Host Name and Port. The Host name may be a machine name or an IP address. The port is usually 1521 by default. However, the port number may be different depending on the machine/type of the server.

Step 5: Enter in the System ID (SID) of the database for the instance you want to connect to.

Step 6: Test the name service.


Default Parameters

names.directory_path = (TNSNAMES)
names.default_domain = world
name.default_zone = world

Sqlnet.ora eventually serves the purpose of pointing to an Oracle Name Server.

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