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Featured Database Articles

Is Oracle Enabling Compulsive Tuning Disorder? 02/27/2017

With all of the metrics Oracle provides, it can be easy to want to tune a lot of areas. Read on to see why not every metric needs tuning.

Getting Started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse - Part 2 02/23/2017

Arshad Ali discusses the architecture of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and how you can scale up or down, based on your need.

Digital Intelligence Transcends BI for The Dynamic Online Businesses 02/20/2017

Business intelligence has evolved significantly, but the challenge of bringing it to the masses as a powerful and simple solution remains. One of the major challenges is in handling and managing the  big data and unifying the different data sources into a steady steam that can be easily analyzed to tell a story.

DB2 V12 Features Supporting Large Databases 02/16/2017

Big data applications were once limited to hybrid hardware/software platforms. Now, recent advances are allowing applications like these to be integrated with and federated into operational systems. In particular, IBM's DB2 for z/OS Version 12 delivers new features and functions that allow the DBAs to design, define and implement very large databases and business intelligence query platforms that fulfill some big data expectations.

Using Index-Organized Tables in Oracle 02/13/2017

Index-organized tables can provide great benefits if used properly.  Read on to see how to use them and what you might run into if conditions aren't ideal.

Pivot Aggregate Counts on Months in MySQL 02/09/2017

A cross tabulation query is used to display the result of an aggregation on two or more fields. The trick to this type of query is the transformation of rows of data to columns. Follow along with Rob Gravelle as he creates a crosstab query for the Sakila sample database that counts the number of movie rentals for each customer aggregated by month.

Database News

Microsoft's SQL Server Database Is Heading to Linux 03/08/2016

Next year, Microsoft plans to release a version of its hybrid-cloud-friendly database software for the open-source operating system.

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