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Database Software & Management News &mdash Access, DB2, SQL & Oracle - archives

Database News


Send e-mail from Oracle via the UTL_MAIL package - 05/31/2006
FUEL DB turns 1.0 - 05/31/2006
Visual Studio Adds Database Developer Support - 05/31/2006
Tripwire Announces Change Auditing for Databases - 05/30/2006
Launch of DreamCoder for PostgreSQL - 05/30/2006
Xceleon Technologies Releases HyperBac for Oracle - 05/30/2006
Trace the evolution of rows with Oracle 10g's Flashback Versions Query - 05/26/2006
Data Pump 2006 version 2.1 released - 05/26/2006
Compliance, Open Source Drive Database Market - 05/26/2006
Navicat MySQL GUI supports Foreign Key Data Select - 05/25/2006
House Panel Moves on Data Breach Bill - 05/25/2006
Oracle Opens Registration for Oracle OpenWorld(r) San Francisco 2006 - 05/25/2006
IDC Reveals Steady Growth for Worldwide RDBMS Market - 05/24/2006
Active Query Builder 1.5 now available - 05/24/2006
Microsoft's Lineup of SQL Server Related Webcasts for June 2006 - 05/24/2006
PostgreSQL Security Release - 05/24/2006
Oracle unveils new version of open source BerkeleyDB - 05/23/2006
More on MySQL 5.1 Partitioning - 05/23/2006
Oracle Upgrades to Gold Sponsorship of GeoWeb 2006 - 05/23/2006
Red Gate Releases Free Intellisense�-style Add-in for SQL Server - 05/23/2006
Debian Security Advisory - mysql (DSA 1071-1) - 05/22/2006
How Bad Guys Hack Into Websites Using SQL Injection - 05/22/2006
Advanced Data Import 2.4 released - 05/22/2006
Navicat (MySQL GUI) for Mac OS X - 05/19/2006
Mimer adds real-time capabilities to Mimer SQL - 05/19/2006
Sybase Unveils Sybase WorkSpace 1.5 - 05/19/2006
Lumigent Audit DB 5.0 Delivers Strong IT Controls - 05/18/2006
Special May Offer from - 05/18/2006
Oracle Announces Premier Support Capabilities For SAP R/3 - 05/18/2006
Oracle, BEA Talk is Persistence - 05/18/2006
Pikauba Software Releases DBDocumentor 4.10 - 05/17/2006
BMC Software to Provide DB2 V9 Mainframe Support - 05/17/2006
Oracle Leads Next-Generation Web 2.0 Application Development With Contributions to Open Source Community - 05/17/2006
Unisys to Deliver New Services for MySQL Open Source Database Software - 05/16/2006
GemStone Systems(tm) Unveils GemFire� Database Accelerator (DBA) - 05/16/2006
Princeton Softech and Oracle Expand Enterprise Data Services - 05/16/2006
SAP and Oracle Go Another Round - 05/16/2006
AdventNet Unveils SwisSQL SQLOne Console 3.0 - 05/15/2006
SAP database endorsement at Sapphire bolsters feud with Oracle - 05/15/2006
Sybase iAnywhere Announces Coveted Common Criteria Security Certification for SQL Anywhere Database - 05/15/2006
You Are The Missing LINQ - 05/15/2006
Oracle to boost AJAX, Java - 05/12/2006
Data Breach Bills Crowding Congress - 05/12/2006
Using XQuery to Manage XML with SQL Server 2005 - 05/12/2006
The Data Warehousing Institute Launches Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter - 05/11/2006
Using SQL Server 2005 to document Sarbanes-Oxley compliance - 05/11/2006
Embarcadero Performance Center 2.0 will Extend Database Monitoring Software to IBM DB2 - 05/11/2006
Golden's Rules: Migrating from SQL Server to MySQL - 05/10/2006
Automatized Import of Text Data into Databases - 05/10/2006
SAP, Oracle face critical juncture in RFID market - 05/10/2006
Guardium Adds Support for New IBM Platforms, Doubles Number of Platforms with V5.0 Release - 05/09/2006
EMC Pays $153M For Data Protection - 05/09/2006
Quest Software Launches Free Toad with Productivity Enhancements for MySQL Databases - 05/09/2006
Use DBMS_RANDOM to generate text and date values - 05/09/2006
IKAN announces modeling solution for SQL Developer - 05/08/2006
Data Export 2005 ver. 2.2 is now available - 05/08/2006
Oracle Announces Oracle� Daily Business Intelligence for Compliance - 05/08/2006
Oracle� Database 10g Standard Edition One Attracts Large Following of SMBs - 05/08/2006
Learning SQL on SQL Server 2005 - 05/05/2006
A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005 - 05/05/2006
A Look at the MySQL CSV Storage Engine - 05/05/2006
MySQL issues security fix - 05/04/2006
Oracle Delivers Enhanced RFID Technology in Oracle� Fusion Middleware - 05/04/2006
AquaFold releases Enterprise Oracle Database Administration Tools for Windows, Linux and OSX - 05/04/2006
Red Gate Unveils Industry's First Graphical Dependency Tracker - 05/03/2006
Tour de SQL Part II: Administrative Features - 05/03/2006
Mirror Activator Now Available for Oracle Database Environments - 05/03/2006
Oracle keeps many users waiting on April patches - 05/03/2006
TimeSpring's Continuous Data Protection Software Is Selected By Cybernetics - 05/02/2006
NextAction taps Oracle 10g for database marketing operations - 05/02/2006
CA ships New Version of AllFusion Modeling Suite with Patented Data Modeling Technology - 05/02/2006
Researcher: Oracle Needs To Patch 44 More Bugs - 05/01/2006
SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server ver. 2.3 released - 05/01/2006
DBManager Pro Enterprise Edition New Release - 05/01/2006

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