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October 1, 2002

The challenge of building J2EE applications that access relational databases is often underestimated. Coding Java persistence is time-consuming and complex, and requires database expertise.

Now there's a better way. TopLink provides developers with the flexibility to map both Java Objects and Entity Beans to a relational database schema without constraining application architecture or database design.

TopLink is flexible across architectures:

  • Container managed persistence
  • Entity, session, and message-driven beans
  • Java objects
  • Servlets

And TopLink works with any server and any tool:

  • Any application server
  • Any database
  • Any Java IDE

Furthermore, TopLink is nonintrusive. It doesn't require any application code changes. Try it today and accelerate both productivity and performance.

Additional information and a download for TopLink (as well as access to an internet seminar, datasheet, and other TopLink resources), see

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