Domesticating the Database

October 22, 2002

[From CSOonline.com]

CSOonline.com's law, ethics and privacy columnist weighs in on protecting corporate information assets and specifically the information housed in enterprise databases.

"It never ceases to amaze me that companies know where every potted tree in the building is situated, yet have no idea what is planted in their computer systems. I'm talking about the enterprise databases -- the most valuable asset a company has. The information contained in these databases will, if properly cared for, yield a bountiful sales harvest for many years. So why are they tended by hourly employees who have no stake in the company? Where is the oversight?

"Corporate data should be the second-best guarded part of an organization (after the employees). How much of a company's assets are locked up in these databases? A good rule of thumb is that each active customer record in a database is worth whatever the acquisition cost would be to replace that customer, usually $20 and up depending on the industry."

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