Row-Level Security Set for SQL Server "Yukon"

November 12, 2002

[From eWeek]

Timothy Dyck recently met with Microsoft's James Hamilton, an architect of Microsoft SQL Server, to be briefed on upcoming security changes in the next release of SQL Server, code-named Yukon, which is expected to begin beta testing in the first half of next year.

The most significant security change in Yukon -- and one that hadn't been mentioned to the press previously -- is that SQL Server will support a declarative security model that provides much finer, more flexible security controls than are possible using the SQL table- and view-based permissions model.

"What we're building here is a row-level security," said Hamilton, in Redmond, Wash. "Every user accessing a table has a predicate assigned to them that controls their access. That predicate gets applied to every query; same thing with an update. Unless you're updating your particular row, it will fail."

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