IXIASOFT releases TEXTML Server 3.1 featuring the TEXTML Fault Tolerance Server

August 20, 2004

[From IXIASOFT Inc.]

San Francisco, CA - IXIASOFT, the native XML database and information retrieval market leader, announces the release of TEXTML Server 3.1 featuring the TEXTML Fault Tolerance Server (FTS). TEXTML Server is a powerful XML database and advanced search engine for the storage, indexing, and retrieval of XML content. TEXTML FTS, used in conjunction with TEXTML Server, will ensure that two or more servers and TEXTML Document Bases installed in parallel are synchronized at all times enabling immediate access to backup servers in the case of a hardware failure. TEXTML Server 3.1 is currently the only native XML database to offer the fail-safe reliability of TEXTML FTS to customers that depend on uninterrupted operations of mission-critical systems.

The TEXTML FTS will be available in the Enterprise FT Edition of TEXTML Server, or as an upgrade for existing systems.

The article continues at http://www.ixiasoft.com/default.asp?xml=/xmldocs/pressreleases/press-release-textml3-1.xml

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