9 Habits of Highly Effective DBAs

May 3, 2005

[From SQL Server Magazine]

Destroying data is the fear of every new DBA. DBAs are the conservative folks who have data integrity on the brain. Or at least that's what we want people to think. The truth is that you get used to working on large amounts of crucial and sometimes sensitive data. At the start of your career, you're cautious, but as time goes by, your skill and comfort level increases until working with sensitive data becomes easy. But still you wonder what will happen if you make a mistake and destroy data unintentionally?

You're the DBA. You can't ask for downtime to restore a tape because you screwed up! The confidence of your users, not to mention your boss, would be forever tarnished. So what should you do? You should develop a regimen of good database habits that keep you out of trouble and follow them no matter how good you think you've become. Let the rest of the world think you're infallible. You know better. Here are nine database habits you should get into.

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