DateAdd function Oracle

July 30, 2008

>>Script Language and Platform: Oracle
Get a new date based in interval parameter.

Author: Alexis

Create or replace  Function DateADD(DatePart VarChar , Number int, CurrentDate Date)
     DatePart       :  Specifies which part of the date to calculate the difference.
                    The table below list DateParts and abbreviations recognized
                     1)    D, DD, Day;
                     2)    M, MM, Month;
                     3)    Y, YY, Year;
                     4)    H, HH, Hour;
                     5)    N, NN, MI, Minute;
                     6)    S, SS, Second;
                     7)    W, WW, Week;
     Number         :  The count of days, months, hours, etc to be apply
     CurrentDate    :  The date for the calculation
 return date
 result    Date;
 sType    char(1);
     sType := substr(upper(DatePart), 1, 1);
     if sType = ''S'' then
         result := CurrentDate + Number/(24*60*60);
     end if;
     if sType = ''H'' then
         result := CurrentDate + Number/24;
     end if;
     if sType = ''D'' then
         result := CurrentDate + Number;
     end if;
     if sType = ''W'' then
         result := CurrentDate + (Number*7);
     end if;
     if sType = ''Y'' then
         result := Add_Months(CurrentDate, Number*12);
     end if;
     if sType = ''N'' then
         result := CurrentDate + Number/(24*60);
     end if;
     if sType = ''M'' then
         if upper(DatePart) like ''MI%'' then
             result := CurrentDate + Number/(24*60);
             result := Add_Months(CurrentDate, Number);
         end if;
     end if;
 return result;
 exception  when others then return null;

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