24X7 Global Support for PostgreSQL from Fujitsu

Fujitsu Australia Software Technology (FAST), with partnering from 2ndQuadrant, will offer ‘Follow the Sun’ 24×7 support for PostgreSQL; Both FAST and 2ndQuadrant have been contributors in the open source PostgreSQL and with offices in US, Europe, and Australia can effectively breing valuable 24 hour support to customers.

“Fujitsu is honoured to partner with 2ndQuadrant on this unique offering,” states Bala Varadarajan, Managing Director of Fujitsu Australia Software Technology. “This service is our first partnership support offering available from a series of cooperative support offerings being developed between the two companies. We are pleased to be partnering on further innovative collaborations, being announced in the near future.”
“We have been using FAST for our PostgreSQL support now for a number of years. They have definitely helped our business by their consultancy, recommendations and the support maintenance of our mission critical database, by keeping it running reliably and performing to our satisfaction,” stated Dan Austin of Westfield, Sydney.

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