AcuStaf and Exadel in the Cloud with Ingres Database

Ingres Corp – a company committed to the economics and elasticity of cloud, SaaS, and open source computing, and recognized in providing necessary enterprise class attributes like security and reliability in open source database space – has been taken into the cloud as its database is part of two partners’ open source development stack offerings.

AcuStaf, which offers an automated scheduling, staffing, and labor management system in the cloud, uses Ingres to power two critical applications – Schedule Staffing and Labor Management. AcuStaf praises Ingres Database for its reliability, and quick scaling; but also because it is open source, saving AcuStaf from needing expensive database licenses.

Exadel also praises Ingres Database for its cost savings, and names Ingres as a critical piece of their Cloud in a Box offering, their pre-packaged cloud environment. Users state that setup was flawless and that the speed of both development and deployment of a production application was impressive; and that Ingres Database fit nicely in the stack.

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