Adabas Gets Data Archiving from Software AG

Helping to facilitate compliance and data retention requirements and lightening database load for improved responsiveness as well as reducing outages, Sortware AG has release a data archiving tool for Adabas. The tool will remove stale data from production databases and store it in long-term archives; helping many companies with retention requirements for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel ll and others.

“Our customers asked for a solution that would not only reduce the size of their production databases but comply with data retention requirements and we delivered,” said Dr. Peter Kuerpick, Chief Product Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Software AG. “With as much as 85 percent of database content typically dormant, organizations can save money, boost response time, and increase availability with the use of Data Archiving for Adabas. By just taking the data they don’t need every day, removing it from their production database and storing it in a vault for future reference or audit, customers can reduce the load on their production database and save up to 30 percent in storage costs.”

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