Altova’s MissionKit Now Supporting DB2/400

Altova, a Massachusetts based company with dozens of industry product awards, launched in mid-February its MissionKit 2010 Release 2 so that it now supports DB2/400, in both i5/OS V5R4 and IBM i 6.1, as a data source and target for the first time.

System i shops may be most interested two of the MissionKit products:

  • MapForce – a graphical tool that performs data transformations involving data stored in various formats, and automatically generates code for file transformation applications.
  • StyleVision – a drag-and-drop stylesheet designer for XML and databases which automatically transforms data from various sources into a number of formats

These aren’t the only benefits System i users gain from Altova’s MissionKit suite however, three other products are also there for DB2/400 to access:

  • DatabaseSpy – a database query and design too with a graphical interface for tasks like editing and formatting SQL, comparing database schemas and content etc. It also features SQL auto-complete functions and supports editing of stored procedures.
  • XMLSpy – a product with many XML-related capabilities a very few being generation of various XML document types, debugging and validation, and automatic code generation of class files.
  • DiffDogg – a comparison and merge tool for files, directories and more that excels at highlighting differences between large sets of data with its graphical interface.

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