Amazon Relational Database Service Announces Read Replicas

Amazon Relational Database Service Announces Read Replicas; making the scaling MySQL databases easier as well as helping to provide improved performance for web applications. With read replicas, users can create copies of a MysQL instance and offer read traffic multiple targets.

“We’ve moved our online game databases from self-managed MySQL servers to RDS with great results,” said Nate Wiger, Sr. Manager of Online Technology at Sony Computer Entertainment America. “When we ran benchmarks comparing Amazon RDS to our hand-tuned MySQL instances, we found that Amazon RDS performed significantly better. Plus, the built-in backups have offloaded traditional DBA responsibilities from our team, which allows us to just focus on delivering great games for the PlayStation platform. Now we’re looking forward to using Read Replicas in conjunction with our Multi-AZ deployments to both scale read traffic capacity and increase fault tolerance.”

“Since the launch of Amazon RDS last year, customers have been using the service to quickly deploy fully-featured MySQL databases, while offloading common database administrative tasks to the service. Our customers have asked for the same friction-free experience for scaling their read traffic and today we’re excited to offer Read Replicas to meet this customer request,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President of Database Services at Amazon Web Services.

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