Announcing askSam 5 Web Publisher Database

askSam Systems recently announced the release of askSam’s Web Publisher version 5. The new Web Publisher makes publishing large amounts of searchable information on the Internet fast and easy.

Without any knowledge of HTML, the Web Publisher lets you create new documents or import existing documents and publish this information in a searchable database on the Web. askSam turns anything into a searchable database: archived email messages, notes, reports, memos, Web pages, names, addresses, and more.

The Web Publisher offers an affordable and easy to use solution for government agencies, corporations, legal libraries, universities, and others who need to create searchable Web databases.

askSam is:

  • Flexible – askSam is versatile enough to manage structured data, free-form texts, or both. Easily organize information that won’t fit into traditional databases.
  • Fast – askSam can instantly search through huge amounts of information. An askSam database can contain up to 16 Terabytes of information.
  • Easy – askSam makes using a database as easy as using a word processor. You don’t need to define field lengths or even understand data structures; simply enter or import your information and search. It’s that easy.

Visit the askSam Web site for a review copy of askSam as well as a complete list of new features and screenshots.

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