Backing up SQL Server Data for Rollback Purposes


Many of our SQL Server releases include data changes, not just code changes. In some respects the SQL Server data changes are more of an issue to manage than the code changes, because we can easily isolate the code changes and roll them back as needed. With the data changes if we add a simple lookup value to a table and update particular records we can do some detective work and trace back the data. It takes time, but we can typically trace it back. Unfortunately, when we change data by a percentage or make numerous changes in a table, those changes are a bit more difficult to trace back because rolling back a percentage is not as precise as we require. Thus far our SQL Server rollback plan has been to just restore a preliminary SQL Server database backup that was issued, but this is an time consuming proposition if we have only one small issue. Can you offer a better approach to isolate the SQL Server data changes and only rollback specific data?

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