Build a Rapid Web Development Environment for Python Server Pages and Oracle

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Developers today benefit from a range of server-side technologies that function as the middle layer between a Web server and the database, including JavaServer Pages (JSP), Active Server Pages (ASP), PHP, and if you’re an Oracle developer, PL/SQL Server Pages.

When I was introduced to Python programming language back in 2003, I was amazed by its elegance and ease of use. It is so high level that it writes almost like plain English, looking like pseudocode to unaware programmers. The dynamic nature of Python lets you write a minimum of unambiguous code to accomplish even the most complex tasks.

In this article I will outline an easy method of creating a complete Python Server Pages/Oracle Database 10g rapid Web development environment. I will assume you have none of the components installed on your Windows or Linux system. (If you do, however, you will need to skip some steps accordingly.) All of the featured components are free to download and carry no licensing costs.

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