Can Michael Widenius block the Oracle Sun deal

Michael Widenius, co-creator of MySQL which is currently owned by Sun Microsystems has started a campaign to “keep the internet free”—purposely trying to prevent Oracle from buying Sun and arguing that the purchase would hurt consumers and small businesses.

Mr Widenius states that “It’s not in the internet user’s interest that one key piece of the net would be owned by an entity that has more to gain by severely limiting and in the long run even killing it as an open source product than by keeping it alive,” AND “If Oracle were allowed to acquire MySQL, we would be looking at less competition among databases, which will mean higher license and support prices.”

Additionally Mr Widenius has launched a SaveMySQL petition in an attempt to sway the European Commission as US regulators have already approved but not yet so in Europe. With less than a month before the European Commission decides (01/27/2010) it seems a bit too lofty of a task with very little time.

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