Change Data Capture Solution Attunity Stream Gains Certified Integration with SAP BusinessObjects

Being committed to its relationship with SAP and supporting their solutions as well as prioritizing serving the needs of customers, Attunity Ltd. has had its Attunity Stream 5.3, a change data capture solution, certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center that it integrates with SAP solutions via the integration scenario for SAP BusinessObjects Data Services software 3.2. Together, Attunity Stream and SAP BusinessObjects provide users with an easy to use solution that can process only incremental changes with minimal impact on source data systems as well as making data available in real-time for data warehousing and business intelligence.

Also, Attunity is now participating in the SAP EcoHub online solution marketplace, through which customers are able to find solutions that compliment SAP applications. Attunity hopes that its active participation in SAP EcoHub will provide it with the opportunity to satisfactorily serve many more customers and has made much information on Attunity Stream available there.

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