ClearStone Development Packs for Monitoring and Managing NoSQL from Evident Software

Evident Software has introduced ClearStone development packs for monitoring and managing NoSQL; providing a low cost edition of ClearStone to monitor and manage data tiers for applications. An annual license is available as well as a reduced price if taken before the end of this year.

A webinar will also be given on “The Present and Future of Application Performance Management for NoSQL and Data Caching Architectures” December 15, 2010.

“Customers tell us they want to use ClearStone across all phases of the software development lifecycle — from development to testing to production,” said Scott Barnett, CEO of Evident Software. “The ClearStone Development Pack gives development teams affordable access to the ClearStone platform, enabling them to test and optimize their applications before they go into production.”

“We have already sold Development Packs to several large banks and a leading American telecommunications company,” Barnett added. “Our customers tell us that ClearStone offers the best visualizations they’ve seen. Giving developers easy access to ClearStone’s rich analytics is a big plus for our customers.”

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