Complete Data Protection Provider, Axcient, Partners with PacketTrap Monitoring and Management

Provider of data protection and business continuity, Axcient Inc. has partnered and integrated its products with PacketTrap, provider of remote monitoring and management solutions and division of Quest Software. Together the integrated products will give Managed Service Providers (MSPs) backup protection on-premise and in-cloud that is functional and easy to use with high levels of recovery and uptime, as well as the ability to manage it all through the centralized PacketTrap MSP remote monitoring console.

“We are excited about our integration with Axcient,” said Matt Bolton, DVP Product Management of Quest Software. “We have heard the increasing demand from MSPs for an easy to manage, reliable backup and recovery service and feel that the combination of the PacketTrap MSP remote management and monitoring platform with Axcient’s total data protection and business continuity service offers MSPs the solution they’ve been looking for.”

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