Continuent’s Tungsten looks to the MySQL SaaS data management market

After an increased amount of new SaaS customer installations last year, Continuent, Inc. decided to give more attention to the MySQL SaaS data management market. As such, Continuent has found that its Tungsten solution is a great match for SaaS vendors and leading Eero Teerikorpi, CEO at Continuent, to comment that

“The key needs of SaaS vendors include managing multi-tenant architectures with shared DBMS, maintaining customer SLAs for uptime and performance, and optimized, efficient operations,” and “Our Tungsten solution has proven to be a very good match to cover these real money problems SaaS vendors are facing. Almost half of our customers in 2009 were SaaS vendors running on LAMP stack, and we expect this trend will not only continue but grow in 2010.”

SaaS vendors can take advantage of the Tungsten offering which includes:

  • Keeping applications available and protecting data with features like live copies plus data consistency checking
  • Managing the complex topologies of multi-tenant architecture
  • Facilitating growth with both new and old customers
  • Enabling vendors to migrate customers and perform system upgrades, even during normal business hours
  • Raising profitability

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