Data Exchange Wizard ActiveX 3.6.3 released

The latest version of the data migration software for the Windows platforms, the Data Exchange Wizard ActiveX 3.6.3 from DB Software Laboratory has been released. Working directly with Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, ODBC Ole DB, as well as with support for flat files, MS Excel, MS Access and DB files, Data Exchange Wizard helps integrate import and export mechanisms into applications.

Mike Renwick, head of the marketing department at DB Software Laboratory, said, “It is the most significant release of Data Exchange Wizard ActiveX in years and one of the most complete Import/Export routine on the market today. It is directly in line with our vision for data integration optimization, already helping hundreds of our clients improve their software applications integration abilities so that they can be delivered on time, within budget and with the maximum business value.”

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