Database Security: Discover and Audit Databases Across the Network

Dataguise’s dgdiscoverT database security solution for Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access environments now has a software trial version, free for approved organizations during the designated evaluation period. DgdiscoverT provides companies with the means of finding sensitive data so that it can be properly protected. The better insight into the database helps address the all areas of data, like the non-production data that some environments miss in their protection efforts. Dgdiscover works in small enterprises to large, global corporations. The trial version provides customers with a chance to see dgdiscover at work and if satisfied the switch to the full version is easy.

Allen Thompson, EVP of Operations at dataguise, said, “Organizations spanning several vertical markets including education, healthcare, financial services, human resources as well as the public sector are realizing a critical step in improving their overall security posture is first determining where all sensitive data resides. By utilizing the discovery capabilities included in the trial version of dgdiscover, enterprises can obtain a comprehensive level of insight into their SQL Server and MS Access database repositories that is vital to developing a robust security strategy that reduces the risk of a serious data breach.”

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