Datameer Analytics Solution for Big Data Analytics Announced

Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS) if generally available and is Hadoop-based solution for big data; including data source integration with RDBMSs like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Dr. Sven Krasser, Senior Director of Data Mining Research at McAfee comments, “McAfee is pioneering threat intelligence on Hadoop, using Datameer tools to spot correlations among spam, malware, intrusion, and botnet computer security threats. DAS helps us to combine and correlate data from millions of sources participating in McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence network, enabling us to discover hidden patterns of abnormal behavior and proactively protect against new emerging threats. DAS bridges the gap between researchers and Hadoop by allowing them to easily run massively parallelized algorithms tapping into terabyte scale threat intelligence data.”

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