Encirq 3e Creates World’s Smallest Embedded Databases

[From Encirq Corporation]

High Performance and Full Features in Less Than 50K

SAN FRANCISCO – August 18, 2003 — Encirq Corporation today announced Encirq 3e Database Suite for Embedded Systems, a suite of technology, tools, and components for creating the world’s smallest embedded databases – often in less than 50K. With Encirq 3e, developers can create application-specific databases without sacrificing performance or features. The highly compact Encirq technology is being used successfully to improve productivity and shorten development cycle on a wide range of products — from autos to cell phones.

“Size matters,” said Mark Vogel, founder and CEO of Encirq. “For designers of embedded applications, increased memory efficiency can considerably reduce deployment costs and reduce power needs. And since the Encirq 3e database development tools generate completely custom portable C code, developers get the rich features their applications demand in the smallest possible size, without any excess baggage.”

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