EU says PostgreSQL is a credible alternative to MySQL

Coming out of the EU, in reference to the Oracle/Sun/MySQL controversy, officials said that according to their investigation, many database professionals think of PostgreSQL as a viable alternative to MySQL. Those in the PostgreSQL community are now wanting to clarify and build on this investigation.

Said Ed Boyajian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB, the enterprise Postgres company, that “This decision simply further supports the fact that Postgres is the only real choice for organizations looking to deploy an open source database that is backed by a truly independent community,” and “For the last several months we’ve seen a steady stream of MySQL users looking to us for migration tools to Postgres and we expect that trend to continue and even accelerate now that the EU has made its decision.”

We are even seeing the PostgreSQL community attack MySQL. Two interesting statements made by Momjian include: “MySQL was built by developers for quick and dirty applications with simple scripting languages, but it’s not ready for true enterprise IT developers. PostgreSQL on the other hand was designed to address the needs of IT applications requiring a full featured RDBMS” and “PostgreSQL can handle any of the lightweight processing that MySQL was designed for, but in reality PostgreSQL is a full-featured open source database built for high-transaction, highly scalable enterprise applications.”

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