Federal Customs Service of Russia Deploys Application Security Inc’s DbProtect

The Federal Customs Service of Russia has deployed DbProtect across their enterprise database environment for audit and threat management to help develop intrusion detection services (IDS) and database activity monitoring (DAM) across database infrastructures. Announced by Application Security Inc’s Rob Chapdelaine, vice president of worldwide sales and distribution for Application Security Inc said,

“Database SRC is a mission-critical application for the Federal Customs Service for Russia. DbProtect enables security and compliance teams to streamline audit processes and ensure continuous compliance across the database environment.”

Federal Customs Service for Russia chief of information security said,

“Our focus is on protecting our confidential data, complying with global compliance regulations and implementing database security standards. DbProtect’s architecture allows us to centralize our scanning and monitoring initiatives and streamline our audit and threat management process. We’ve scaled up our deployment of database monitoring sensors to increase our overall database security, risk and compliance efficiency.”

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