FileMaker Developer Conference will have Three Special FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad Sessions

Three sessions focused on FileMaker Go fo iPhone and iPad will be added to the FileMaker Developer Conference; providing information about optimizing FileMaker Pro databases for iPhone and iPad. This is the largest annual get-together of FileMaker database developers, trainer, and users and will take place August 15-18 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. The sessions added include:

  • Go go … FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad – Led by William Heizer, System Engineer, FileMaker, Inc. this evening session will survey the features of FileMaker Go; compare behavior similarities and differences with FileMaker Pro; examine scripts, triggers, calculations, and portals; and cover performance and connectivity considerations.
  • Go Deep with FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad – Led by Scott Love, Chief Operating Officer, Soliant Consulting, this session will dig into the nuts-and-bolts of developing for FileMaker Go. It will also share an advanced discussion of scripting considerations and help attendees understand how developing for FileMaker Go differs from FileMaker Pro.
  • Modifying Your FileMaker Databases for Effective Use on FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad – Led by Richard Carlton of Richard Carlton Consulting, this session will focus on understanding the differences between FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro, and how to optimize a database for effective use of the iOS platform.

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