Free Data Comparison Tool, dbForge, Eliminates Time and Hassle in Comparing Oracle Databases

Free and newly available from Devart is dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, an automatic data comparison and synchronization tool that eliminates time, cost, and frustration in comparing Oracle databases. dbForge Data Compare’s graphical interface, plus easily understood tools and wizards provide for hassle free customization and control, enabling users to get their desired results. dbForge Data Compare also give Oracle database developers these benefits:

  • Support for Oracle database versions 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 7.3
  • High-speed comparison with capabilities to compare all schema tables at once and data with different structures
  • Automatic grouping of comparison results by status
  • Custom mapping of tables
  • Full or partial Oracle data synchronization with generation of SQL*Plus-compatible synchronization script
  • Start page shows previous comparisons which can be easily re-compared
  • And data comparison settings can be saved for future projects

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